Turtle Beach – STEALTH 600 Wireless


Gaming technology is advancing fast, and the TURTLE BEACH® STEALTH 600 is the latest gaming headset for Xbox One, debuting Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless technology to connect directly to the console (as well as compatible Windows 10 PCs), and delivering Windows Sonic surround sound. The STEALTH 600 features an all-new sleek and modern style, with powerful 50mm over-ear speakers for amazing game audio and a new flip-up version of Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic that ensures your every command is heard loud and clear. For comfort, the STEALTH 600 dawns the latest iteration of Turtle Beach’s unique ProSpecs™ glasses friendly design, with a mesh fabric-wrapped headband and ear-cushions. The STEALTH 600 also includes Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing™ sound setting to give gamers the competitive advantage by allowing them to hear soft sounds like enemy footsteps sneaking-up from behind and weapon reloads just before an ambush. Additionally, the STEALTH 600 offers Mic Monitoring so you can hear the volume of your voice inside the headset to avoid shouting at other players, independent game and chat volume control, plus audio presets including Bass Boost, and a rechargeable battery that delivers up to 15-hours of gaming per use.

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